How to improve social skills - Giving Opinions

When giving opinions, try to use an expression such as the examples below, beforehand to indicate that it is an opinion and not a fact. This will enable non-Aspies to understand what you are saying as you intend (
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Giving a neutral opinion
  • “To be quite honest / frank...”
  • “I think…”
  • “I feel that…”
  • “In my opinion…”
  • “In my view…”
  • “As far as I'm concerned…”
  • “As I see it…”
  • “I tend to think that…”
  • “Generally speaking, I think that...”
  • “To my mind...”
  • “I’d just like to say....”
  • “If you ask me....”

Giving a strong opinion
  • “I'm absolutely convinced that…"
  • “I'm sure that…”
  • “I strongly believe that…”
  • “I have no doubt that…”
  • “I’m quite convinced that..”
  • English expressions for asking someone's opinion
  • "What do you think?"
  • "What's your view?"
  • "How do you see the situation?"

Writing Practice

Use discussion forums, emails etc. Try using the above expressions before giving an opinion.
This gives you time to reflect before you write so that it becomes more instinctive in real life.

Remember - On Forums, people often write things that they wouldnt normally say to somebody who they are likely to meet.

Speaking Practice

Discuss the following questions with a friend
(using the above expressions)


  • Would you adopt a child? Why/Why not?
  • Should single people be allowed to adopt? What are the advantages/disadvantages?
  • Should gay people be allowed to adopt? Why/why not?
  • Should people be allowed to adopt from abroad if no babies are available in their own country, but lots of children are in children’s homes?
  • Should adoptive parents have the same cultural origin as the child they want to adopt?
  • What are the advantages or disadvantages of people adopting children from another culture?
  • Should siblings only be adopted into one family who will take them all?
  • Should you tell the child that he/she is adopted? At what age?
  • What criteria should be used when deciding who can or cannot adopt?

Rags to Riches

  • Do you think rich people spend their money wisely?
  • In your opinion, should global wealth be redistributed?
  • Do you think rich people should be allowed to leave their wealth to their children?
  • Is it better to earn money, win it, or inherit it?
  • Are there any disadvantages to being rich?
  • Are people better off now than in the past?
  • Do you know of any rags to riches stories? (The Prince and The Pauper?)

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