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Husband a right old grump? He could be one of thousands who have Asperger's without realising

posted 7 Jun 2012, 15:24 by Valerie Carlin   [ updated 8 Jun 2012, 05:19 by Jan Szafranski ]
Asperger’s is a ‘high-functioning’ form of autism where sufferers often have very high IQs. When martial arts teacher Sandra Beale-Ellis discovered one of the children in her class had Asperger’s syndrome, she set out to discover more about the condition.

‘I’d seen the film Rain Man, but that was the extent of my knowledge about autism,’ says Sandra, 44, who lives in Herne Bay, Kent. ‘So I bought a book about Asperger’s to read up about it.’

Autism is a developmental disability causing difficulties with communication and relating to other people. Asperger’s is a ‘high-functioning’ form of the condition, where sufferers often have very high IQs. Learning about its classic characteristics — social awkwardness, a love of detail and repetition, and a tendency for obsessions and collecting — Sandra was surprised to recognise some of the traits in her husband, Joe, 50.

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