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Caetextia - a new definition of Autistic and Asperger's behaviour

posted 13 Sep 2012, 02:17 by valcarlin@hotmail.com   [ updated 15 Sep 2012, 14:03 by Jan Szafranski ]
Leading researchers in the field of autism have also linked the word ‘context’ to Asperger’s syndrome. Cognitive psychologist Uta Frith, along with others, has put forward a theory of ‘central coherence’, which suggests that, when carrying out tasks, people with autism show a relative failure to process information for context dependent meaning. For instance, it has been found that, if a high-performing person with Asperger’s syndrome is asked to retell a story which they have been told, they are likely to focus intensely on the small details in it — whole sections of whatever they can recall, almost verbatim – but will completely miss the overarching idea, meaning or metaphor. They fail to extract the main idea because they are not sensing context. Frith points out that, if you tell a story to someone who is not on the autistic spectrum and ask him or her to retell it, they can invariably give you the gist: its central meaning.