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posted 16 Jun 2012, 06:47 by Jan Szafranski   [ updated 16 Jun 2012, 06:56 ]
A valuable blog for all those who are, or work with, people with Asperger's. In this post Paul Siebenthal discusses how reciprocity continues to cause issues for him at work, and in relationships. If you're on tumblr, it's a blog worth following (just click the link below):

"Simply put, Reciprocity is the tie that binds social interaction. Reciprocity is the matching in kind of a facial expression, or gesture. You smile at me, I smile back. I point at something I’m interested in, you comment upon it. It is what puts people at ease, lets them know they're being listened to, cared about, thought about. It lets them know that the person they are communication with are truly with them. NTs rarely have to think about this, it is innate in them, comes easy. They can even do it consciously in order to deceive and lie. Reciprocity gives congruence to human interaction. NTs notice very quickly when reciprocity is an issue.

"Although very simple to describe the implications of having issues with reciprocity are widespread throughout all aspects of human interaction. Part of the reason I am keen to write about it is that I have recently had several issues at my work with people misunderstanding what I think and feel because of my own lack of emotional reciprocity. It also played a large part in many of the difficulties I had within my own marriage and was a contributing factor to it ending. Reciprocity affects Aspie and NT relationships at all levels, it affects all relationships."

© Paul C Siebenthal - June 2012