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82% of adults diagnosed with autism experience isolation

posted 26 May 2012, 00:55 by Jan Szafranski   [ updated 26 May 2012, 00:55 ]
The National Autistic Society is supporting Mencap’s campaign Stuck at Home: the impact of day service cuts on people with a learning disability, which found that 1 in 4 adults with a learning disability is stuck at home due to cuts.

Mark Lever, Chief Executive of The National Autistic Society, said:

“All adults with autism and other disabilities should receive adequate support to meet their needs, including help to prevent isolation. However, all too frequently we hear this isn’t happening, with a recent NAS survey indicating that as many as 82% of adults with autism have days when they don’t talk to anyone outside of their home – yet those surveyed said the support they most want is help socialising so they don’t feel outcast from society.

“Cuts to local authority budgets mean this country has reached a social care crisis that is leaving too many adults with autism without basic support. According to the National Audit Office, this is likely to result in more costly help later down the line.

“The Government needs to put this right by acknowledging the need for day-to-day support, and the cost advantages to having this in place sooner rather than later.”